RUBY MUSE – poetic alt-blues, folk-rock & Americana. ‘Emotionally charged, atmospheric songs that grow in stature on each hearing.’  R2 Magazine


The song CHEAT – as used in the Emmy-winning Cinemax TV series Banshee. From the Ruby Muse albumRed Guitar In A Blue Room’.  Yum! Lovin’ this… had a feeling from the first few chords that this was something special.  TAXI A&R

RUBY MUSE is UK singer-songwriter/composers Jools Heyes and Malcolm Heyes fast making a name for themselves with dynamic recordings and live performances. Their electro-acoustic sound wraps alt-blues, folk-rock and Americana around songs with strong lyrics and intense themes, then sprinkles them with touches of ’70s flower-power and prog-dust to create something truly distinctive and memorable. Original and accessible their work has been likened to Morcheeba, Lucinda Williams, Natalie Marchant, later Bob Dylan and Suzanne Vega. Ruby Muse music airs internationally on radio, TV/Film and the web.  Jools is also a published poet and visual artist. Immensely diverse – you haven’t heard Ruby Muse until you’ve heard everything they do!