Just Like You (EP)

‘Lofty & smooth… deliciously beautiful & emotive!’  Maddy Glenn, Noizze UK

‘Mesmerising from first note to last!’  Tim Copping, musician and promoter

Vinyl-style, cd containing three darkly sparkling new tracks from Ruby Muse. Lovingly artworked and in eco-friendly packaging, the EP anticipates the release of the next full studio album. Release date 2017. All instruments Jools Heyes and Malcolm Heyes. All tracks written, recorded and produced by Jools Heyes and Malcolm Heyes.

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JUST LIKE YOU   Rootsy lo-fi blues-pop/rock – with sultry vocals, intriguing lyrics, a laid-back retro feel and luscious alt-country undertones.

DIAMONDS  Earthy and rhythmic lo-fi blues-rock that’s about those special people in our lives – the ‘unsung’ heroes – the quiet ones working away behind the scenes, who really make our world shine.

WINTER HELLEBORE   ‘Love is such a delicate thing… what would you know of love?’  In the form of a gentle meditation on love and growth through adversity. This is a questioning song for anyone who feels invisible or overlooked and needs to find some kind of inspiration to keep going – rich bluesy vocals and layered guitars, underpinned by the slow shiver-beat of tambourine over African drum.