A ballad of love and longing for someone special that life has taken far away. It expresses the ’missing-you’ feeling of long-distance separation. Beautiful melodies in both vocal and guitar work evoke a sense of loss, and the song has a kind of slow graceful sweep evocative of sky/flight and emotion/love.

An elegiac ambient poem, inspired by the amazing Chandra X-ray Observatory – with themes of transition and the close relationship between stellar and human existence.The original poem Supernova (Always & Forever) was written by Jools after listening to the BBC radio play ‘Chandra’s Telescope’, which dramatised the life and achievements of 20th century astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. Chandrasekhar’s pioneering discoveries led to the development of the Chandra X-ray Observatory – a satellite launched in 1999, reaching into deep space for groundbreaking new data and imagery. At Supernova’s centre is the theme of transition and the beautiful and poignant parallels which can be drawn between stellar and human existence. As we learn more about our awesome Universe and as we develop more and more powerful technologies, we see not only our potential reflected back to us from the stars, but also our smallness and vulnerability. Malcolm’s ambient guitar supports the lyrics in complementing these sentiments perfectly. The treated video is of a firework containing the ashes of a mother who wanted to leave this life as she had lived it, with joy, courage and in a burst of light and energy,,, touching the sky. Used with kind permission of Lee Wilmott-O’Brien.

WINTER HELLEBORE ‘Love is such a delicate thing…’ A meditation on growth through adversity, using the metaphor of a white flower, hidden in snow. Jools Heyes with Malcolm Heyes. Animation by Amy Heyes.

SHADOW TRAIN A song that was originally a poem, with lyrics inspired by a journey on a train, reading Shakespeare’s sonnets (You wear your summers so easily…) and thinking about surrealist art (Little birds rush through your eyes…). We are all ephemeral creatures on the Shadow Train, travelling through the beautiful, fragile landscape of our lives – experiences running by or filtering through us – unsure of our exact location or our final destination. ‘We are such things as dreams are made on…’ Jools Heyes with Malcolm Heyes.

IPHIGENIA A tribute video which celebrates the “breathtaking themes and pathos of the heroic and heartbreaking song ‘Iphigenia’ by Ruby Muse” by Χεiρων. Thanks to Chiron Cane for making this wonderful connection, linking the Ruby Muse track, Iphigenia (‘rm’ album 2006) to the 1997 Michael Cacoyannis film of the same name – here featuring actress Tatiana Papamoschou. Jools Heyes with Malcolm Heyes and Hannah Gimeno on violin.

COOL RUBY ‘Life, I love you, you’re my destiny, my bright compelling star.’ Affirmative and strong this rhythmic mandolin-driven song celebrates the ice/fire, love/sorrow, joy/suffering contradictions of life – feels its pain, and returns to love it in all its tangled glory. Life is the ‘cool ruby’. Taken from the ‘rm’ album (2006). Jools Heyes with Malcolm Heyes and Hannah Gimeno on violin.

CHEAT A driving Americana number, used in the Emmy award-winning Cinemax TV series Banshee, and as available on the Ruby Muse album ‘Red Guitar In A Blue Room’ (2011, remaster/re-release 2016). Jools Heyes with Malcolm Heyes.