AMBIENT POETRY – Thick With Buds

‘Moody and magnificent’ Twin Poetry London

‘Totally riveted by the seasonal magnificence of the spoken work poetry set to music ‘Thick With Buds’ by Jools & Malcolm Heyes of RUBY MUSE’ Trys Kelly


As trees we are
with branches skied on a dusk-red reach
caught between wing-tethered love
and cloud-sore disillusion
battling with birds in our hair
torn by the elements
worms twisting between our toes

Our seeded-selves, armoured, gut-fleshed
silken-spored and cast to the winds –
gigantic knife-needle fronds
unfettered fly, and I can hardly bear this
silver burgeoning

Spring is shafted, and we’re
hooked on the moon’s bright finger
kicking at the stars
while the womb’s tears flow
thick with buds

Words Jools Heyes; Music Malcolm Heyes