#1 19 November 2018

Hi folks, welcome to the new RUBY MUSE blog!

This is Mal and I in 1991, when our musical and life journey together began. Our situations were challenging, and the music business and world in general were very different to now. But the richness of what we had, and have managed to create together since then, has only increased – wonder where the journey will go from here? Life is amazing, in all its crazy ice and fire, and tangled glory… LIFE is the ‘cool ruby’ referred to in this song from our 2006 album ‘RUBY MUSE ‘rm’ – it makes me want to dust down the mandolin again. Lovely daughter Hannah Gimeno is guesting on violin, otherwise Mal & I are playing everything on this recording. The video (but not audio) includes the talented Vic King (ex-Kate Bush band) on drums & the equally talented Ian Newman on double bass, who together provided backline for occasional live shows around the time of the album’s release. 😎